Background and Introduction:

National Indigenous Disabled Youth Association-Nepal (NIDYA-Nepal) is the only one, common, central and the first social organization of all indigenous disabled young people registered at the Kathmandu District Administration Office in 4th September 2019 [2076-05-18]. It is established to make aware and unite all the indigenous youth disabled people about their economic, social and cultural rights for living life like other citizens of the society. Its intention is to convince the state, government, society, political parties and families about the definition of disability that what is disability? Disability is a state . It aims to make common understanding the problems and ways of solution of all indigenous disabled people to all aware citizens, intellectuals of the civil society, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

  Here thoughtful and remarkable thing is that there is no doubt that disabled people are backward because of irresponsibility of the state and ignorance of the society to uplift them. Also, the geographical difficulty, disability itself and no access to communication technology are the causes to be backward. It is the reality that the persons with disability have been facing challenges of competition in the science and technology era. the earth has been made global village by communication technology but they are unprivileged. The state government has to create the proper environment in education, health and the lickings of the disabled people which have to be removed slowly. Otherwise the persons with disability will have to face more painful condition than this in the upcoming days. Definity, they cannot move ahead with other groups which are moving ahead with the speed of modern age. On the one hand is like this condition and on the other hand until now whatever programs are lunched by the governmental and non-governmental organizations have not reached by up to the targeted groups. It means the indigenous disabled people are not benefited by the programs. It is not over saying that only those are benefited who are aware, rich, educated persons and leading disabled organizations. However, more persons with disability and disabled groups are still under the shadow in the 21st century.

Liberation of them is very far because of no agenda has been made for discussion till now in the government level. therefore, district level awareness and empowerment campaign is very necessary to make aware and to empower the indigenous disabled people. By the campaign they will be united socially and aware for their rights. All the above subjects should be discussed in between all indigenous disabled people.

Its main aim is to make between all indigenous disabled youth people to play leading role and create the favorable environment, organize programs of organizational pressure to the related institutions for overall development and lunch awareness campaign for indigenous disabled people throughout the country.